Keep your home safe in 2016…and beyond!
By |Published On: 5th January 2016|

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Keep your home safe in 2016…and beyond!

By |Published On: 5th January 2016|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

Dark mornings. Post Christmas blues. Struggling to fit into your favourite jeans following two weeks of chocolate, booze and cheese. Yes, the new year is upon us. However, the turning of a new calendar is the perfect time for landlords and homeowners alike to make security improvements to their home, in order to keep it secure for 2016 and beyond!


The 2015 Crime Survey for England and Wales by the Office for National Statistics indicated that 750,000 cases of domestic burglary in the past year.

Mark Jones, NHBC’s head of house buildings standards noted that, ‘there are a number of simple steps people can take to improve the security of their homes. From burglar alarms to security light, these measures can add value to properties and offer homeowners peace of mind in helping to make sure their homes and belongings are well protected.’[1]

‘People who live in newer properties, may already have security locks, burglar alarms and security lighting included as standard, ‘he continued. ‘But there are also a number of simple measures people can take to keep their homes and property safe from burglars.’[1]

Keep your home safe in 2016...and beyond!

Keep your home safe in 2016…and beyond!

Keep your home secure

Here then are some top-tips to keep your property secure for many new years to come:

Lock all the doors

It is vitally important to have robust locks on all doors of the property. Landlords should make sure are doors of their homes are fitted with secure fixed locks or a multi-point locking system. Latches and deadlocking should also be considered.

Don’t give burglars a window of opportunity

Make sure that any windows, particularly those on the ground floor or that can be easily reached, are fitted with lockable devices or handles that cannot be released without a key.

Enjoy the view  

By making sure that you have a wide angled view of the area outside the main entrance door to check on visitors, you can keep yourself aware of just who is calling. Some newer properties have conveniently placed windows that allow a clear view of the entrance area.

Let there be light

Installing an external detection security lighting system that switches on after dark when someone is near can be highly effective in deterring crime. Landlords and homeowners alike should seriously consider this to put off potential intruders.

Sound the alarm

Similarly, a house alarm system is a great way of decreasing the chance of crime. Some systems even link to a mobile phone or other device to let the property owner know that the alarm has been set off.

Don’t say that you’re away

Leave lights on a timer when you know that you are going to be away from a property. If you know that you are going to be away for a prolonged period, get a trusted neighbour or family member to make regular checks on the hom





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