Research reveals average number of hours Brits leave the heating on
By |Published On: 21st January 2022|

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Research reveals average number of hours Brits leave the heating on

By |Published On: 21st January 2022|

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Households in Britain have the heating on for an average of 4.7 hours a day during the colder months, according to research from ScS.

Glaswegians keep the heating on for the longest, at 5.4 hours a day. The Midlands comes second and third, with people in Nottingham keeping the heating on for 5.2 hours a day and Birmingham for 5.1 hours.

The UK cities where residents keep the heating on the longest (on average):  

  1. Glasgow – 5.4 hours
  2. Nottingham – 5.2 hours
  3. Birmingham – 5.1 hours
  4. Sheffield – 5.0 hours
  5. Leeds – 4.9 hours
  6. Liverpool – 4.9 hours
  7. London – 4.9 hours

In some areas, residents are keeping the heating on for even longer. 12% of those from Glasgow and 10% of those from Nottingham and Sheffield 10% keep theirs on for 12+ hours every day. 19% of Londoners heat their homes for 6-8 hours a day.

The UK cities where residents are most likely to keep the heating on for 12+ hours a day: 

  1. Glasgow (12%)
  2. Nottingham (10%)
  3. Sheffield (10%)
  4. Cardiff (9%)
  5. Birmingham (8%)

The research shows those in the north of England are a little more sparing with their heating, with 17% of those living in Manchester and Newcastle limiting their heating to just 1-2 hours a day.   

The average temperature Brits leave their thermostat at is 21°C. Despite this, 13% of Brits have their heating high at 25°C or above.

Although they don’t leave the heating on for long each day, 11% of those from Belfast keep it at 25°C. ScS says that if homes are well insulated, turning the heating up high for a short amount of time might be a good way to heat up homes for less.

The research also shows that those who leave their heating on longer do so at a lower temperature. 25% of those in Birmingham, 25% in Sheffield, and 24% in Liverpool set their thermostat to 18°C or lower.

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