The Best Christmas Markets in the UK for Property Prices
By |Published On: 18th November 2016|

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The Best Christmas Markets in the UK for Property Prices

By |Published On: 18th November 2016|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

With the capital’s Winter Wonderland opening its doors today, online estate agent has researched which of the best Christmas markets in the UK offers the most affordable property prices.

The agent analysed 29 of the UK’s merriest Christmas markets, finding that the current average house price across each of them was £316,569 – £98,681 more than the current UK average. eMoov then ranked them on the average house price, to guide Christmas-loving homebuyers to the ten most affordable locations during the festive season.

While many people flock to enjoy London’s Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, not as many will be able to afford a home in the area, which costs an average of £2,052,951.

The Best Christmas Markets in the UK for Property Prices

The Best Christmas Markets in the UK for Property Prices

Scotland’s Country Living Glasgow is the cheapest area for property, at an average of £121,430, while Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland closely trails behind, at £128,192.

Both Glasgow and Nottingham are well ahead of the other locations on the list, making them the most appealing for those looking to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in an affordable property.

The Victorian Christmas Market in Wrexham is third on the list, at £150,883, closely followed by Manchester’s German Market, at £153,590.

Birmingham’s German Christmas Market is often ranked one of the UK’s best Christmas markets and is the biggest in Europe outside of Germany and Austria. The area, which places fifth on the list, has an average property price of £165,149.

For those in Leeds, the Christkindelmark is a great event for festive cheer and house prices. The northern city is sixth on the list, at £170,927.

The next stop is Staffordshire’s Winter Wonderland, at £177,531, while the Gloucester Quays Victorian Christmas Market is eighth, at £182,903.

Homebuyers in the Welsh capital can enjoy its average house price of £191,582, while visiting the Cardiff Christmas Market. The final gift under the tree is Chester’s Christmas Market, which has a price tag of £191,666 and prides itself on abundant crafts, stocking fillers and warm beverages.

Although there are many more Christmas markets in the UK, the above ten are some of the best and most affordable for those looking to purchase properties.

The Founder and CEO of eMoov, Russell Quirk, comments: “Christmas begins earlier every year, but the launch of winter wonderlands and Christmas markets across the UK signals the festive season is about to kick off.

“Although not everyone will welcome this news, it could certainly be beneficial for nearby home sellers, with Christmas market property commanding a higher price tag than the rest of the nation.”

He adds: “With the seasonal slowdown fast approaching, what better additional selling tool than one of the UK’s best Christmas markets down the road?

“Ironic that perhaps the best known and most popular on our list is also home to the largest barrier for those aspirational homebuyers that might wish to live there. But there are still many realistic options filled with festive cheer for those looking to buy this Christmas.”

Which of the best Christmas markets will you be visiting this year?

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