Bristol Named the Best City in the UK for House Shares
By |Published On: 18th February 2019|

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Bristol Named the Best City in the UK for House Shares

By |Published On: 18th February 2019|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

Bristol has been named the best city in the UK for house shares, according to new research by broadband and utilities provider Glide.

The study looked to identify the best house share hotspots across the country for students and young professionals.

Glide ranked the biggest UK cities on a range of measures, including the number of house shares in the city, amount of job opportunities advertised, the cost of rent, university rankings, and broadband speed, resulting in a top ten for those studying or looking to start their careers.

Bristol came out on top of the ranking, score the best overall by just one point. The city ranked fifth for the number of house shares available, at 945, and, while rents were third highest on the list, the city boasts high university rankings, 229 jobs advertised per 10,000 people, and high wifi and broadband speed – an essential for any student or young professional – which allowed it to just climb into first place.

Nottingham’s consistency across the rankings meant that the city came in second, with its job opportunities, broadband speeds, and university rankings all scoring in the top ten. It was only let down by relatively high rental costs.

Birmingham made up the top three locations, with its comparably low rents helping it to score well, but was let down by having just 145 job opportunities currently advertised per 10,000 people.

The top ten house share hotspots

  1. Bristol
  2. Nottingham
  3. Birmingham
  4. Manchester
  5. Liverpool
  6. Derby
  7. Southampton
  8. Brighton and Hove
  9. Leicester
  10. Portsmouth

London was the best location for variety of house share opportunities, with over 19,000 rooms available. However, with the average monthly rent coming out at six times higher than the most affordable city to live in (£3,278, compared to £499 in Bradford), the capital ranked 17th.

London, Edinburgh and Manchester were the top three cities for university rankings, all boasting institutions in the top ten of the UK University Rankings 2019. 

When looking at available job opportunities, York, Coventry and Derby came out on top, with 470, 408 and 382 jobs available per 10,000 people.

James Villarreal, the Director of Glide, says: “With so many students and young professionals choosing to house share, we wanted to find the best cities across the UK to suit their needs. When looking for a new house share, there are some important considerations to think about before signing, including location compared to your university campus or workplace, transport links and monthly bills.”

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