Calls for Quick Evictions to Help Landlords and Good Tenants
By |Published On: 11th March 2014|

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Calls for Quick Evictions to Help Landlords and Good Tenants

By |Published On: 11th March 2014|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

Quicker evictions are being requested, after assumption that the Government is proposing measures that will fast track the eviction process for private landlords.

There are worries that demands on the courts are causing lengthy delays.

Landlords and housing charities have been invited to a Government session to consider the plans and possible options to quicken the eviction process for private landlords.

Lots of landlords see eviction proceedings against nightmare tenants leaving them without rent for months.

Claims can sometimes take between six and 12 months to resolve, and at this time, the tenant may not be paying their rent. This leaves landlords with limited, or no, income.

This could affect the landlord’s mortgage repayments if not resolved quickly.

Calls for Quick Evictions to Help Landlords and Good Tenants

Calls for Quick Evictions to Help Landlords and Good Tenants

Managing Director at Landlord Assist, Graham Kinnear, states that changes to the eviction process would be beneficial to landlords who are attempting to remove tenants that do not pay rent or have anti-social behaviour problems.

He also says that good tenants would also profit from the amendments, as they will have a wider range of properties to choose from.

Kinnear also thinks that a faster eviction process may inspire more investors into the market.

He says: “We do not feel that there is a real need to alter the grounds of securing a vacant possession or the methods by which a landlord can gain possession of their property.

“What we would like to see is a swifter possession service which will reunite the landlord with their property in a timelier manner. This will help to minimise the losses incurred by many landlords and may even encourage further landlords to enter the market place, which would help to address the current housing shortage in the UK.

“At the same time, introducing a swifter eviction process will also support decent tenants looking for rented accommodation, as they will be able to replace troublesome tenants much quicker than is currently the case.”1

Commercial Director at Landlord Assist, Stephen Parry, believes that the current housing shortage in the UK has left lots of reliable tenants looking for rental accommodation, who would be pleasant replacements for evicted tenants.

Parry says that landlords should conduct reference checks on tenants before the tenancy begins, to avoid rent arrears.

He advises: “Referencing is a key part of the letting process, and remains a simple and affordable way for landlords to paint a vivid image of their tenant.

“Background checks on tenants are essential and should, as a minimum, include a credit report plus references from previous landlords and employers.

“Only with this type of information can landlords be confident that tenants can afford rental payments and meet their tenancy obligations.”1



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