The dangers of carbon monoxide

dangers of carbon monoxide

Every landlord needs to be aware of a few basic safety elements, but none more so than the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is one of the most poisonous substances in the atmosphere, but all of us live with it. Tragically, around 60 people a year are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Landlords have a responsibility towards tenants as far as carbon monoxide is concerned, so we’ve put together these tips you need to know:

dangers of carbon monoxide
The dangers of carbon monoxide

Key sources

Carbon monoxide is present in almost every property in small quantities but is most likely found in dangerous quantities around burning flames.

According to the NHS website, carbon monoxide is produced when fuels such as gas, oil, coal and wood do not burn fully. In your home, this could affect appliances such as a boiler, gas fire, central heating system or a cooker.

Registered engineers

Make sure that anyone you hire to install or perform maintenance on an appliance is officially registered. This will mean that they are certified to do the job properly and safely. This includes:

Protecting against carbon monoxide

You can provide extra protection for your tenants by installing carbon monoxide warning devices. If excess levels are detected an alarm will sound and your tenants will be able to evacuate the property.

The dangers of carbon monoxide are very real and need to be taken with the utmost seriousness by landlords.

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