Having a garden could boost your property value by 5%
By |Published On: 19th April 2021|

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Having a garden could boost your property value by 5%

By |Published On: 19th April 2021|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

According to a study by the AA, having garden space on your property can lift its value by 5%.

The study looked at homes with and without gardens in 30 towns and cities across the nation to see where gardens are valued the most. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant spending more time at home than ever before, and the company says that gardens have become a precious space to spend time in.

Properties in Brighton are worth £27,297 with a garden 

The study looked at the average house price for places with up to three bedrooms, along with how much people were charging on average for homes with gardens.

Overall, the study shows that the average home in the UK was valued at £209,525. However, the price of homes of the same size that had gardens hit an average of £220,555.

The top locations for a price bump include Walsall, where a house is worth 16% more if it had a garden, Sunderland, where it’s 15% more, and Liverpool at 11% more.

While those are the best places for garden value compared to the house itself, Brighton is where a garden is worth the most money. Compared to an average house price of £379,259, a home with a garden here is worth £27,297 more.

In the capital, however, the study shows that properties are actually cheaper with a garden. This is potentially due to the rise in new-build flats and penthouses pushing the average price of all properties beyond those with gardens, the AA says.

The top 10 cities where having a garden adds the most value to property prices 

RankLocationAverage Property Price Average House Price With a Garden Garden Price Increase Percentage Garden Price Increase 
1Walsall£ 155,059.24£ 180,614.96£ 25,555.7216%
2Sunderland£ 121,119.73£ 138,979.72£ 17,859.9915%
3Liverpool£ 158,772.81£ 176,427.64£ 17,654.8411%
4Leeds£ 205,103.01£ 223,762.44£ 18,659.439%
5Leicester£ 208,036.93£ 226,915.52£ 18,878.599%
6Derby£ 177,848.87£ 193,864.16£ 16,015.299%
7Milton Keynes£ 253,357.18£ 276,137.79£ 22,780.619%
8Bradford£ 128,186.02£ 139,270.00£ 11,083.989%
9Stoke-on-Trent£ 145,566.36£ 158,080.31£ 12,513.959%
10Belfast£ 137,601.70£ 149,355.74£ 11,754.039%

The top 10 cities where having a garden adds the least value to property prices 

Rank Location Average Property PriceAverage House Price With a Garden Garden Price Increase Percentage Garden Price Increase 
1London£ 730,940.57£ 702,379.81-£ 28,560.76-4%
2Glasgow£ 157,816.02£ 159,984.42£ 2,168.401%
3Wolverhampton£ 175,359.23£ 179,877.78£ 4,518.553%
4Bristol£ 295,125.12£ 303,546.65£ 8,421.533%
5Birmingham£ 221,221.16£ 227,600.63£ 6,379.473%
6Edinburgh£ 286,761.71£ 296,361.32£ 9,599.603%
7Doncaster£ 153,556.00£ 159,030.57£ 5,474.564%
8Dudley£ 181,284.56£ 189,671.67£ 8,387.115%
9Newcastle upon Tyne£ 155,092.26£ 162,581.01£ 7,488.755%
10Nottingham£ 200,404.34£ 210,209.32£ 9,804.995%

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