Half of Students Think Rent is Good Value for Money
By |Published On: 29th May 2015|

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Half of Students Think Rent is Good Value for Money

By |Published On: 29th May 2015|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

Around half of students (49%) think that their weekly rent is good value for money, a survey by Glide Utilities has found.

The tenant study also discovered that the average rent for students is £95 per week, unchanged since 2014.

Glide Utilities conducted a report, What Students Seek, which revealed that three quarters of students are satisfied with their shared accommodation, however, this has slowly decreased year-on-year.

Half of Students Think Rent is Good Value for Money

Half of Students Think Rent is Good Value for Money

Additionally, 66% of respondents said they have had problems with the way their property is managed.

One of the biggest issues for students was a lack of communication, with 29% of students complaining of this. A fifth have also experienced intrusive or unannounced visits and inspections, with 39% reporting a lack of response to maintenance problems. Poor property upkeep was a concern for 28%.

Glide Utilities’ research also surveyed student landlords and letting agents, revealing that 15% are worried that they will not let all their student properties by the start of the next academic year.

The report also found that students are seeking more comfort from their private rental accommodation. Over half would like a double bed in their room and a third want an en-suite.

However, practicality is still incredibly important to students. A huge 83% put fast internet access as a priority and good storage is important to 72%.

Furthermore, the report found that some students are focusing on their studies rather than socialising. Over half said it is very important to live close to university and 31% find good transport links necessary.

CEO of Glide Utilities, James Villarreal, says: “The secret to gaining student appeal in 2015 is definitely more is more. While the majority of students are satisfied with their accommodation, we can’t ignore the fact that this figure is gradually falling. This isn’t because conditions are slipping, necessarily, but that student expectations are rising.

“We’ve see this in our own business and have made changes to keep attracting more customers. Our findings highlight exactly what students seek when it comes to private rented accommodation, and will help landlords and agents make the right practical changes without breaking the bank.”1

1 http://www.lettingagenttoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2015/5/half-of-students-say-rent-represents-good-value-for-money

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