Which household items are the UK’s favourite?
By |Published On: 23rd December 2016|

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Which household items are the UK’s favourite?

By |Published On: 23rd December 2016|

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An interesting new report has revealed what household items you should purchase for loved ones this Christmas.

The Britain at Home report from Lloyds Bank Insurance has assessed when gadgets feature most prominently in the UK’s most owned list.


Results from the investigation show that there are a wide variety on non-essential items that make the list.

These range from cooking tools, to artwork to various types of exercise equipment, with 35% of people questioned owning one or more fitness-related items.

Investment in these goods has seen the typical value of home contents increase by £2,900 over the last year. Communal areas saw the largest levels of investment during 2016, with the average value of a living room rising from £4,911 to £5,358. The typical kitchen rose from £5,596 to £6,206 over the same period.

You can always find me in the Kitchen

In fact, five of the most popular items on the list were found to be in the kitchen, with popular programmes such as the Great British Bake Off encourage would-be Mary Berrys!

A food mixer (69%), slow cooker (54%) and coffee machine (47%) were the top three items on the list.

In addition, high-tech gadgets also featured high on the most popular items. 36% of people were found to own games consoles, with 23% owning Bluetooth speakers.

Which household items are the UK's favourite?

Which household items are the UK’s favourite?

This said, the number of the top-ticket items are less-concerned with relaxation. In just one year, the popularity of home-based exercise equipment has doubled.

The full list of the most-commonly owned household items are:

Most commonly-owned household items
Food mixer 69%
Slow cooker 54%
Coffee machine 47%
Artwork 47%
Games console 36%
Juicer 31%
Bread maker 29%
Home exercise equipment 35%
Bluetooth speakers 23%
Home Cinema 15%


Festive leisure activities

Tim Downes, senior claims manager, Lloyds Bank Insurance noted: ‘Across the UK people are increasingly using their home as not only the centre of family life, but a place to spend time doing their favourite leisure activities. As part of this, homeowners are making the most of their space by investing in items that they can enjoy with friends and families.’[1]

[1] http://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/household/what-are-the-uks-favourite-household-items.html


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