It’s alright to use white
By |Published On: 13th November 2015|

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It’s alright to use white

By |Published On: 13th November 2015|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

Buy-to-let landlords are constantly competing with each other to try and gain the upper hand and to ultimately secure a tenancy agreement. Some of the major selling points for would-be tenants are the décor and contemporary fittings within a property.

With this in mind, many landlords choose to brighten up their rooms by using bright colours, particularly on feature walls and for furniture. However, Yanic Simard, head designer at Toronto Interior Design Group, feels that simply using radiant white can go a long way in making homes look modern and stylish.

Simard believes that by using simple white colours landlords, ‘can add drama’ to aid the following:

Brighten up Greys and Taupes

Where a space is centered on mundane colours such as greys, even a small amount of fresh white paint can transform a room, more so than an aqua blue or soft red.

Simard notes that, ‘in a design with colorful walls, white is a powerful tool for adding a sense of contrast without clashing or overloading on too many hues. It brings drama to the center of the room here so the walls aren’t the sole source of interest. And yet it does this without creating visual conflict.’[1]

Break Patterns

 Purchasing white furniture to break up busy wall colours can make the room look more subtle and not overwhelm would-be tenants when they view the property. Additionally, this gives the landlord more scope when choosing patterned cushions and other amenities.

Of course, people may see white furniture as real challenge to keep clean and may therefore stay clear of purchasing. However, Simard believes that, ‘white furniture doesn’t have to be a maintenance nightmare.’ He says that, ‘a material like plastic, lacquered wood or coated metal will add an equally clean counterpoint to a busy dining room wall for fresh energy.’[1]

Soften Bold Decor

White trims, such as on door frames and mirrors, can help to soften high-drama looks. Additionally, using white trims can bring out the detail in grand features, which could have been lost with the use of darker colours.

Simard explains, ‘In an eclectic space with curated antiques, hits of clean white translate to a sense of modernity, so the overall effect reads more transitional than strictly traditional. It’s perfect for those who can’t settle on one time period but instead prefer a timeless cosmopolitan look.’[1]

Break up dark colours

Landlords should always try and break up darker colours with even just a hint of simple white. Features such as white lampshades, frames or ornaments can all break up a dark wall treatment. Similarly, a large focal piece, such as a picture, with a white background, can command attention effectively.

In darker spaces, bits of white can become doubly important in order to reflect the light. A little bit of fresh white colouring can improve the sophistication of a room intentionally designed to be moody.

A little white can do a lot

 It is advisable that landlords should look to add small white accessories to dark furnishings, such as bright pillows or cushions. Furthermore, landlords should look to put some white accessories in close proximity to other white items, such as window frames or lampshades.



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