Landlord Offers DIY Tenant Free Home
By |Published On: 12th November 2012|

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Landlord Offers DIY Tenant Free Home

By |Published On: 12th November 2012|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

A landlord in the North East of England is offering a tenant to live rent-free in a three-bedroom property, on the provision that they carry out all repairs and maintenance work themselves.

Landlord Offers DIY Tenant Free Home

Landlord Offers DIY Tenant Free Home

Private landlords Jax and David Ayton made the extraordinary offer after their previous tenant had left the end terrace property in Darlington uninhabitable. The couple are looking for a tenant who is prepared to live in the property while renovating, and will not charge rent until the process is complete. When the work is complete, the tenant will then have to become a regular rent-payer.


Mr and Mrs Ayton said that the house was once extremely presentable and perfect for a small family. However, their previous tenant caused considerable damage by knocking holes into the wall, burning down the garage, and allowing pets to defecate on the floors.

After the tenant was subsequently evicted, the property was then targeted by metal thieves, who smashed windows and stole pipes and electrical wiring.

Mrs Ayton said that the property was once “all done up to a good standard and it was a nice place to live.” She explained that the tenant had “completely trashed the place and so obviously we asked her to leave.” Having struggled to afford to repair the damage, Mrs Ayton said that “slowly but surely, people noticed that it was empty and it became a target.”[1]

She continued by saying that the thieves had “taken everything except the floorboards; the circuit board, the boiler and all the piping has gone.” Mrs Ayton then conceded that the property is in “a desperate state of repair.”[1]

The couple have stated that they will bring the house back up to an adequately safe place to live. This will include replacing the windows and electrical supply. Once this has been completed, they are looking for someone to carry out all of the subsequent refurnishing in order to make the property a home. Mr and Mrs Ayton have also pledged to provide any necessary building materials.

Tenants interested in the property should contact Bellwood and Harris Letting Agents.







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