Landlords Encourage Greener Homes
By |Published On: 2nd May 2014|

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Landlords Encourage Greener Homes

By |Published On: 2nd May 2014|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

Households that conduct energy efficiency improvements on their property can now claim more money back, to counterbalance the price of having the work done.

After June, those in England and Wales who take measures to increase the energy efficiency of their home can get up to £7,600 back through the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. This scheme also applies to private and social landlords, if they pay the costs themselves.

The system will aid people in fitting energy efficiency measures, for example, solid wall insulation and a new heating system, by offering them money back on the contributions they make towards the developments.

Landlords Encourage Greener Homes

Landlords Encourage Greener Homes

This will provide small businesses in the energy efficiency sector with more business. Any Green Deal Installers and Providers are advised to register with the scheme.

Ed Davey, Energy and Climate Change Secretary, says: “The best way for households to take control of their energy bills is to use less energy.

“Faulty boilers, draughty windows and insufficient insulation all cause properties to leak hundreds of pounds every year. But advice and support through the Green Deal can help put a stop to this.

“By installing energy saving improvements, families across the country can enjoy the benefits of warner, more energy efficient homes and lower bills.”1

By installing major improvements, such as solid wall insulation, a three-bedroom semi-detached house can make an average annual bill saving of £270, with an additional £100 being saved through upgrading a boiler.1

Through the new scheme, domestic energy consumers can receive:

  • Up to £1,000 for fitting two measures from an approved list, and/or
  • Up to £6,000 for installing solid wall insulation, and
  • Up to £100 returned for a Green Deal Assessment.1

For those who bought a property in the 12 months leading to application, they could also receive a further £500 under the scheme, if they conduct energy efficiency improvements.1

December saw the Government declaring that £540m will be spent in a three year energy efficiency package to make Britain’s houses and public buildings more energy efficient.

Greg Barker, Climate Change Minister, claims: “The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is another way the Government is making it simpler and cheaper for people to stay warm and improve their homes.

“I want households across the country to benefit from more energy efficiency homes and reduced bills through the Green Deal, and that is what the new home incentive fund will do.”1




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