Landlords think tenancy deposit rules aren’t useful
By |Published On: 9th May 2015|

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Landlords think tenancy deposit rules aren’t useful

By |Published On: 9th May 2015|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

A new survey of over 200 landlords from the Tenancy Deposit Scheme suggests 90%[1] would say they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their tenants.

The figures show that just over half of landlords asked would say their tenants were of a satisfactory quality, with more than a third saying that they were very satisfied.


Landlords think tenancy deposit rules aren't useful

Landlords think tenancy deposit rules aren’t useful



Some of the measures that tenants were assessed against were general upkeep of the property, prompt rent-payment and general assistance with the landlord. The vast majority of landlords said that their tenants’ behavioral qualities were satisfactorily consistent. Just 14% of landlords asked felt the quality of their tenants had decreased in the last year[1].

Tenancy deposit worries

In the same survey, the landlords questioned were asked about their thoughts on tenancy deposit protection. The results did not make excellent reading for the Government. Half of landlords thought the protection was of benefit to the rental sector, with almost one-third describing it as a hindrance to their duties.

The recordings also suggest that just four in ten landlords believe that Alternative Dispute Resolution, which is used to end tenancy deposit disputes, could be useful in solving other housing related issues.

Within the 200 plus landlords asked, over 40% have over ten years experience, with another 40% having between two and ten years.[1] The majority were investment landlords, or landlords letting to achieve financial security. 12% of landlords questioned saw the role as their career. [1]

Positive signs

CEO of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme Steve Harriott was encouraged by the findings and their reflection of the relationship between tenants and landlords. Harriott said that, “These findings from our first national survey of landlords show a positive picture of landlord and tenant relations that is very welcome. It augurs well for the private rented sector.[1]






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