Neighbours make good friends…don’t they?
By |Published On: 7th February 2016|

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Neighbours make good friends…don’t they?

By |Published On: 7th February 2016|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get on with my neighbours?

Well, yes, according to a new survey by Ocean Finance, which suggests that millions of Brits have issues with people living in close proximity to them.

51% of those who encounter a nuisance neighbour feel stressed or depressed and 24% said they wanted to move to a new region. 20% said that they don’t sleep well as a result, with 18% saying that they do not feel safe in their property.

Neighbours make good friends...don't they?

Neighbours make good friends…don’t they?

Typical Troublesome Traits

Troublesome neighbours come in many forms but Ocean Finance has recorded a list of the top-ten most annoying traits. Can you label your neighbour as one of these?

  • The chatters-You know the types. You just want to make the short journey to your car or the dustbin and they are there. Waiting. To talk. About nothing.
  • Bin thieves-Everyone knows one of these-neighbours who, despite the fact that it has your house number emblazoned on the front, steal your dustbin. Which leads nicely onto…
  • Wrong bin dumpers-Do you remember ordering pizza last night? No? Because you didn’t, but there is still a pizza box in your bin. And the bloke next door put it there.
  • Parking police-The family who have 4 cars but 3 residents and who still moan about not being able to park their surplus vehicles outside their house..
  • WIFI grabbers-A teenager at number 26 is having a great time online, using your WIFI.
  • Noisey Nigel-The man living in the attached property who has no concept on TV remote volume control or a regular bedtime
  • Litter louts-Mmm lovely, takeaway boxes, containing part of a kebab, just outside your front gate
  • The curtain twitchers-There’s always one person on the street who sees everything, before seeking sanctuary behind their curtains. This is before gossiping to anyone who will listen about what so-and-so was up to last night
  • Scrapheap challengers- Those neighbours who could hold a car-port sale with the amount of rubbish in their back garden
  • The ‘Eastenders’- More at home on the Jeremy Kyle show, these people argue with themselves on an hourly basis. And you have a front row seat.

‘Good neighbours really can be good friends are a vital part of a vibrant community,’ said Ian Williams. ‘But most Brits will recognise at least one of these less welcome neighbours too-and sadly for some people a problem neighbour can make their lives a misery.’[1]


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