New awards scheme for landlords in London
By |Published On: 10th March 2011|

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New awards scheme for landlords in London

By |Published On: 10th March 2011|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

The UK Landlord Accreditation Partnership and the London Landlords Accreditation Scheme recently combined to create a new rewards initiative. Focusing firstly on landlords from the capital, the inaugural rewards will be handed out at the Future of Housing in the Private Rented Sector dinner.


There are around 10,000 members of the U.K Landlords Accreditation Scheme within London. Around 25,000 additional members make up the UK LAP.

At the awards dinner on March 1st, 11 awards will be handed out to landlords and agents that have shown excellence in the sector.

New awards scheme for landlords in London

New awards scheme for landlords in London


New Schemes

The awards dinner will also see the two parties launch two additional accreditation schemes; –

The Green Letting Award Scheme

This scheme is launching with the primary aim of training landlords and agents to become more energy conscious. The desired outcome is that the landlord will ultimately have a more sustainable business that benefits both tenants and the environment. It is hoped the skills acquired by landlords will set them apart from competitors.

The Tenant Accreditation Scheme

Focusing on how to make tenants more responsible, The Tenant Accreditation Scheme is being set up with desirability to landlords in mind. By becoming accredited with the scheme, it is hoped that tenants will become more aware of their roles and responsibilities. This in turn will make them more suitable to potential landlords.

Following good examples

Chairman of the UK LAP and London Landlord Accreditation Scheme, Dave Princep, hopes the launch of the awards will be a catalyst for others. Mr Princep said that, ‘the time is right to award professional landlords[1]’ and to ‘encourage others to follow their excellent examples.’

The awards dinner will be sponsored by The Residential Landlords Association


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