Landlord Left with Major Clean-up Bill from Nightmare Tenants

After ‘tenants from hell’ fell into severe rent arrears and trashing the property, they left behind a major clean-up bill for their landlord.

When landlord Andrew Cavanaugh arrived at his property, he discovered multiple bin bags, pillows, books magazines and clothes left in a mess all over the property. Not only was rubbish left, littered in almost every room in the property by the tenants, but they also proceeded to illegally change the locks without the consent of their landlord, thus preventing Cavanaugh from entering his own property.

Furthermore, despite leaving the property in an unpleasant state, including other damages, the tenants also left Cavanaugh more than £4,000 out of pocket due to failure to pay rent arrears for six months.

The property was reportedly acquired by Cavanaugh in November last year, with a family already occupying the house. He allowed them to continue their tenancy, however, after receiving the first month’s rent, he did not receive any other payments from them and was forced to eventually obtain a court order to have them evicted.

Cavanaugh told the press: “Even after the court order was made it took them four days to leave – having seen the mess they left it is hard to know what they were packing up in that time.

“I have never had a property left in that kind of state. There were doors hanging off their hinges, the electricity supply had been bypassed and the whole place needs fumigating – we think it will take about £3,000 to sort out.”

This was in addition to the £4,300 that the court decided was still an outstanding rent payment and therefore, still owed.

Cavanagh is now calling on Liverpool City Council to do more to support landlords.

He added: “I think we as landlords need a dialogue with the council – it isn’t all one-sided and I think the majority of landlords in the city are responsible.”

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