Notorious Landlord Banned from Letting Property that Lacked Basic Standards
By |Published On: 14th September 2018|

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Notorious Landlord Banned from Letting Property that Lacked Basic Standards

By |Published On: 14th September 2018|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

A notorious landlord in Southend, Essex has been banned from letting his property, which was found to lack basic health and safety standards.

Several complaints were made about Robert Crow, who let 19 Devereux Road in SS1.

Water leaking through lights, a filthy shared kitchen, disgusting bathroom conditions and a lack of washing facilities were among some of the major issues uncovered during an inspection of the property.

Tenants also found that their tiny bedrooms were cluttered with the landlord’s personal belongings when they moved into the property.

Unfortunately, anti-social behaviour was not uncommon at the property, which was the scene of a stabbing in October 2017.

Magistrates found Crow guilty of 18 offences relating to the dangerous, unsanitary and substandard conditions at the property, which he shared with his tenants.

The landlord was fined £36,000, and ordered to pay costs of £7,865.10 and a victim surcharge of £170.

Crow was also served a Criminal Behaviour Order preventing anyone from entering the property, other than himself and his immediate family. Breaching the order could result in up to two years’ imprisonment.

The notorious landlord has now been ordered to pay close to £90,000 in fines and costs over the past couple of years, due to a number of offences relating to his property in Southend.

Councillor Tony Cox, the Cabinet Member for Adults and Housing, welcomes the prosecution: “This landlord has knowingly been putting his tenants at undue risk and failed to provide even the most basic standards of habitation.

“We have tried to work with the landlord to bring the property up to standard for several years, but he has taken little to no action, yet continued to cash in his rent.”

He continues: “Anyone who sees the photographs taken at this house would be rightly disgusted and would immediately understand why we have taken such firm action in this instance.

“The property was not fit to be rented out, and this prosecution ensures that Mr. Crow won’t be able to in future. The justifiably high price he is now paying for his reckless neglect should serve as a warning shot to other landlords who think it is acceptable to rent out severely substandard properties.”

Landlords, the recent surge in stories regarding rogue landlords should serve as a reminder to always comply with the law, and protect your tenants’ health and safety.

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