The prices paid for odd and even house numbers in England and Wales
By |Published On: 6th October 2020|

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The prices paid for odd and even house numbers in England and Wales

By |Published On: 6th October 2020|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

Homebuyers are spending as much as £527,500 more to get their desired house number, according to research from property platform OpenBrix.

The research shows that the largest property premiums are generally paid for even numbers, accounting for 13 of the top 20 areas in England and Wales.

Highest even number property price premium locations

Homes in Westminster with even house numbers sell for an average of £2.787m. This is £527,000 more than the average price of £2.260m paid for odd-numbered properties in the same area.

Also on the top 20 list of areas with the highest property premiums paid for even house numbers are:

  • The Isles of Scilly (£290,000)
  • Hammersmith and Fulham (£127,000)
  • Camden (£113,000)
  • South Bucks (£81,000)
  • Hackney (£61,000)
  • Oxford (£39,000)
  • Eden (£34,000)
  • Ealing (£33,000)
  • Kingston (£28,000)
  • Wandsworth (£25,000)
  • Kettering (£22,000) 
  • Worthing (£20,000)

Highest odd number property price premium locations 

Homes with odd numbers in Kensington and Chelsea are at an average of £3,400,000, which is £400,000 more than the highest paid for an even number in that area.

Merton is home to the next largest premium for odd-numbered homes, with home buyers paying £51,250 more than even-numbered properties. Tunbridge Wells (£35k), Richmond (£30k), Epping Forest (£29k), Tower Hamlets (£25k) and Uttlesford (£25k) are also some of hottest spots for odd-numbered property price premiums.

Adam Pigott, CEO of OpenBrix, commented: “It would seem that generally across England and Wales an odd or even number makes a marginal difference to the price paid for a property and for many homebuyers it probably doesn’t register as a pro or con when searching for their dream home.

“In fact, there’s a 50/50 split between the number of areas that command a higher price for both odd and even numbers.

“However, on a more regional level, we seem to favour even numbers where the 20 highest price premiums are concerned. It may be a coincidence, however, many people do have strong views on certain numbers and the superstitions surrounding them.

“It’s well-document that the number 13 can command a far lower price and it would seem the same goes for both odd and even numbers, although homebuyer preferences change from one area to the next.”

Table shows the top 20 areas with the biggest premiums between the average sold price for odd and even house numbers in the last 12 months

LocationOdd House Number Sold PriceEven House Number Sold PriceDifference (£)Odd or Even Premium
CITY OF WESTMINSTER£2,260,000£2,787,500£527,500E
KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA£3,400,000£3,000,000£400,000O
ISLES OF SCILLY£310,000£600,000£290,000E
HAMMERSMITH AND FULHAM£1,275,000£1,401,800£126,800E
SOUTH BUCKS£555,000£636,000£81,000E
TUNBRIDGE WELLS£420,000£385,000£35,000O
RICHMOND UPON THAMES£875,000£845,000£30,000O
EPPING FOREST£495,000£466,250£28,750O
KINGSTON UPON THAMES£590,000£617,500£27,500E
TOWER HAMLETS£770,000£745,000£25,000O
England and Wales overall£228,500£227,500£1,000E
Source: Land Registry Price Paid Records (September 2019 to August 2020)

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