Remember the importance of gas safety in rented homes

By |Published On: 15th September 2020|

Remember the importance of gas safety in rented homes

By |Published On: 15th September 2020|
Remember the importance of gas safety in rented homes

This week is the Gas Safe Register’s annual Gas Safety Week. As a landlord, you should understand how this is important for the health and safety of your tenants.

Incorrectly fitted and serviced appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is produced when fuel burns incompletely, due to an inefficient supply of oxygen being present. This can occur when appliances aren’t installed properly or when they aren’t effectively maintained. You cannot see, taste or smell carbon monoxide, which is why this highly poisonous gas is a swift and silent killer.

Gas Safety Week highlights the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances.

Gas safety information to remember as a landlord

  • Have all gas appliances and flues in your rental property checked every 12 months
  • Give a record of the annual gas safety check to your tenants. Be sure to do this within 28 days of it being completed. New tenants should receive it at the start of the tenancy
  • Keep copies of the gas safety record for two years
  • Maintain gas pipework, appliances and flues provided for tenants
  • Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • Check your engineer’s Gas Safe ID card
  • All equipment using gas must be safe

To set up a reminder for regular checks, visit the Stay Gas Safe website.

Make sure that any engineer you hire is qualified for the work they are doing. You can do this on the Gas Safe Register website. You should also check their ID card when they arrive. On it, you will find a license number, as well as valid from and expiry dates. Then, on the back, it will list the type of work they are qualified for.

Gas safety
Gas safety
For more information on gas safety in rented homes, see our guide:

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