Rogue landlord served with £23,000 fine
By |Published On: 2nd November 2015|

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Rogue landlord served with £23,000 fine

By |Published On: 2nd November 2015|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

A rogue landlord in Reading has been ordered to pay a substantial fee after pleading guilty to a series of offences.

Mr Hafiz Mohammed Gulfraz was fined £20,000 and told to stump up an extra £3,343 in costs after a string of breaches of legislation. These included:

  • taking control of a HMO without a licence
  • breaching an emergency prohibition order
  • intentionally tampering with the electric and gas supply

The offences all took place during this year and all relate to the single property in Reading.


Mr Gulfraz was charged with 12 offences, five of which magistrates deemed to be most serious, hence the severity of the fine. These were based on breaches such as failing to ensure that the fire alarm and lighting were maintained properly and intentionally depriving tenants of adequate heat and light.

Rogue landlord served with £23,000 fine

Rogue landlord served with £23,000 fine

The court said that this particular case was one of the worst that it had ever dealt with.

Reading council began their investigation on the property in January following contact from a tenant in the property. Officers found a large number of health and safety hazards at the property, including the central heating system being disconnected.

The council decided that there was an imminent threat of harm if the tenants were to remain in the property and thus an emergency prohibition notice was served.

Additionally, despite there were five rent paying tenants residing in the property, it was still not listed as a house in multiple occupation.

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