Should there be Tougher Restrictions for Landlords?
By |Published On: 11th June 2013|

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Should there be Tougher Restrictions for Landlords?

By |Published On: 11th June 2013|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

Recent news articles have questioned how much responsibility landlords should have over their rental properties, after the number of rogue landlords has massively risen in the last few years.

These pieces also consider tenants’ concerns within the private rental sector, particularly those that are worries about rents increasing, unmaintained homes, and the future of their housing.

A recent study has revealed that landlords in London are not keeping the electrics in their houses safe. A report by the Electrical Safety Council discovered almost a quarter of London tenants are being put at risk due to landlords not responding to requests for improvements, or not conducting these improvements quickly.1

Should there be Tougher Restrictions for Landlords?

Should there be Tougher Restrictions for Landlords?

Additionally, almost half of London landlords said that they did not know whose responsibility it is to keep their rental property’s safe, despite the law stating that landlords must conduct safety checks on their houses.1

Director of the Electrical Safety Council, Phil Buckle, says: “We’d like to see tighter guidelines for landlords on electrical safety, but with the number of non-professional landlords increasing every day, we also need to address this now.

“We need all landlords to understand that they are not only putting people’s lives at risk, but they could also face serious financial loss through fines.”1

Around the time this information was published, the London Assembly also released a statement that said they think stricter rules should be implemented so that landlords take their responsibility seriously, and that London tenants have safer properties.1

Furthermore, the London Assembly also said that they believe in firmer punishments for landlords that do not meet the required standards, and that there should be more restrictions on rent increases. They also would like to see landlords offering longer tenancies.1

Len Duvall, Assembly member, says, from City Hall in London: “We need urgent reforms for London’s private rented housing; many people are forced to live in poor quality housing and pay rapidly rising rents for the privilege

“As housing demand continues to far outstrip supply, the Mayor needs to take action now to make the capital’s private rental sector fairer. Law-abiding landlords should have no issue with the Assembly’s recommendations. We need a package of measures to rent stabilisation, longer tenancies, and landlord registration.”1

Despite there being no definite changes to the future of the sector, it is expected that the next year will see new legislations, which will affect private landlords, the property market, landlord insurance cover, and tenants’ rights.



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