Student landlords leave tenants at huge risk
By |Published On: 6th August 2015|

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Student landlords leave tenants at huge risk

By |Published On: 6th August 2015|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

Concerning new research suggests that landlords and letting agents of student accommodation are consistently putting their tenants’ health and wellbeing at risk by neglecting electrical issues.

A report from Electrical Safety First has indicated that an alarming number of landlords put tenants’ lives at risk by not fixing serious safety hazards. The firm suggests that landlord negligence is leaving inhabitants open to electric shocks, fires and electrocution.


Data from the report shows that 37% of landlords and letting agents did not fix exposed wiring once it was reported to them. 35% did not tend to damp issues, condensation or flooding near electrics, with 30% leaving issues around sockets and light fittings unfixed.[1]

Emma Apter, head of communications at Electrical Safety First, said, ‘these figures are unacceptable. Students should not have to compromise on safety, but these worrying figures suggest that poor landlord practice is putting lives at risk.’[1]

The research highlighted the case of Matthew, a student from Oxford, who shortly after moving into a rental property was alarmed to discover exposed wiring next to a wall socket in the bedroom. On reporting the issue, Matthew was disgusted to find that the letting agent was unwilling to take immediate action.

‘I couldn’t believe how negligent letting agents could be when it came to this kind of thing,’ he said. ‘It took me many conversations over several days to convince the agent to get it fixed.’[1]

Student landlords leave tenants at huge risk

Student landlords leave tenants at huge risk


‘Cases like Matthew’s emphasise the unnecessary and dangerous situations that students are being exposed to by landlord and letting agent negligence,’ said Apter. ‘Nobody should have their life put at risk because a landlord refuses to make a repair.’[1]

She went on to suggest that there are, ‘cultural stereotypes surrounding student accommodation, but our message to students is this: you do not have to accept living in substandard or dangerous accommodation. Inform your landlord or letting agent straight away if any hazards arise and if they fail to act then your local authority is there to assist.’[1]

Shelly Asquith, National Union of Students welfare officer, said, ‘students should be able to focus on studying and enjoying their educational experience instead of worrying about whether turning on a light switch or plugging in a toaster could kill them.’[1]

‘This prioritising of profit over safety is just another example of how students across the country are being taken for a ride by greedy housing providers,’ she added.[1]



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