Tenants in Houseshares at Risk from Lack of Smoke Alarms
By |Published On: 4th November 2015|

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Tenants in Houseshares at Risk from Lack of Smoke Alarms

By |Published On: 4th November 2015|

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More than four in ten tenants in houseshares are at risk due to a lack of a working smoke alarm, according to a new study.

Tenants in Houseshares at Risk from Lack of Smoke Alarms

Tenants in Houseshares at Risk from Lack of Smoke Alarms

From 1st October 2015, landlords or their letting agents have been required to install working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties. However, a recent survey by flat and house share website SpareRoom.co.uk found that many landlords are not aware of the regulatory change.

Find out more about the requirements here: /landlords-and-agents-must-test-smoke-alarms-on-day-of-new-tenancy/

A study of renters living in shared accommodation conducted after the rule was enforced, found that less than six in ten (57%) are sure that they have a working smoke alarm in their property.

Worryingly, one in seven (15%) said they don’t have smoke alarms in their homes at all. A further 16% have alarms but aren’t sure if they work, and 5% don’t know if there’s an alarm in their property.

However, fire safety is not just the responsibility of the landlord; the survey revealed that 7% of tenants have removed the batteries from their smoke alarm, putting themselves at risk.

The Government believes that the regulations will help prevent up to 26 deaths and 670 injuries a year, but awareness among landlords is currently too low. A separate study of landlords by SpareRoom shows that around half (49%) are not aware of the requirement.

Director of SpareRoom, Matt Hutchinson, reports: “Fitting working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is now a legal requirement for landlords, yet half remain none the wiser.

“Professional landlords are the most likely to be clued up on this regulatory change, but the Government will have its work cut out to educate those who don’t already have working alarms in their properties, to make them aware of the new rules.

“However, fire safety isn’t just the landlord’s responsibility. The fact that 7% of tenants have taken the batteries out of their smoke alarm is a real worry. Tenants have to do their bit to keep themselves, their housemates, and the property, safe.”1 

Landlords must keep up to date with all changes affecting the private rental sector. Find all of the latest news and updates for landlords at www.

1 https://www.landlordtoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2015/11/survey-claims-sharing-tenants-at-risk-from-lack-of-smoke-alarms

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