Tips for a perfect rental garden
By |Published On: 18th April 2014|

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Tips for a perfect rental garden

By |Published On: 18th April 2014|

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A property with lots of outdoor space included is preferable to a number of renters looking to find their next home. In large cities, houses with a garden can be a huge draw for would-be tenants. With this in mind, it is important for landlords to ensure that their gardens are in the best condition.


Before purchasing additional features such as plants and furniture, landlords must ensure that the borders and structural composition of the garden are up to standard. Broken fences and cracked walls will not give a good first impression. Patio areas should be kept clean and grass should be cut before a viewing.

Further tips on how to get the best out of a garden space in a rental property include:

Keeping it simple

Landlords should design a garden that does not require much maintenance from either themselves or their tenant. Of course, it is highly reasonable that tenants should cut the lawn and keep furniture clean. What is not advisable or fair is to expect tenant to maintain expensive flower arrangements or water features.

Provide furniture

Regardless of the size of the outdoor space, landlords should always provide furniture for their tenants, so that they can enjoy warm summer evenings with a cold beverage or two! Larger areas should be provided with full dining equipment, which do not have to be expensive, as many are available second-hand.

Tips for a perfect rental garden

Tips for a perfect rental garden

Mow the lawn

Although this will ultimately become the responsibility of the tenant, the landlord should ensure that the tenancy begins with at least a tidy, mowed lawn. They should also make sure that the lawnmower works efficiently.

Plant low maintenance flowers

A colourful garden will look attractive to potential renters, particularly if their viewing is in the summer months. Landlords should look to provide hanging baskets or small plant pots to decorate small areas. These will not only look good but will be easy to maintain.

Hose/wash down dirty areas

Before a viewing, landlords should make sure that all grime and dirt is removed from flooring and wall areas. Using a pressure hose is a fantastic way of achieving this. If a landlord does not possess a pressure hose, they are normally available for hire from a local garden centre.

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