What is rent to rent?
By |Published On: 28th January 2014|

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What is rent to rent?

By |Published On: 28th January 2014|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

A recent BBC investigation has once again brought the subject of ‘rent to rent’ into the public eye.

What is rent to rent?

‘Rent to Rent’ is the process where a letting agent will let out a property on behalf of a landlord. The letting agency will then receive money from the tenant, of which an agreed fee will be given to the landlord.

What is rent to rent?

What is rent to rent?


The controversial practice, although not illegal, makes it difficult for some landlords to know who, and the number of, people actually living in their property. This problem was highlighted during the recent BBC report.

BBC London’s Charlotte Franks talked to landlord Maggie Khan, who rented her three-bedroom property to a letting agency. The agency in question, Marcus Matthews Management, instructed her that the property would be let to a family.

After the tenants failed to pay rent for the second consecutive month, Khan visited the property. To her shock, she found the living and dining rooms both had been converted into bedrooms, against her will and consent. A total of six individuals were living in the property, each paying up to £650 each pcm.[1] Khan had originally let the property for a total of £1600 pcm.



Marcus Matthews Management was quick to defend their rights. A spokesman told the BBC that the contract that Khan had signed had not been breached. The spokesman said, ‘The tenancy agreement that she has, gives us permission to sublet. We are not allowed to sublet to bed and breakfast. We assumed that she had an HMO license as it’s the landlord’s responsibility.’[1]

It would appear that subletting schemes such as ‘rent to rent’ are on the increase and it is feared that this could ultimately make it difficult for tenants to be evicted. Landlords should remain vigilant and ask any questions that will ensure they are confident when using letting agents.

[1] http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-26741443


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