Are you Hungry to know what Renters want when moving to a New Area? Check out Zoopla’s Data…
By |Published On: 25th April 2019|

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Are you Hungry to know what Renters want when moving to a New Area? Check out Zoopla’s Data…

By |Published On: 25th April 2019|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

What do you look for, when considering moving to a new area? Is it what’s on the inside that counts, or do you pay attention to the amenities in the surrounding area?

UK property portal Zoopla has revealed the results of its latest survey, which show what renters want in a new home…

You would expect to see factors such as low crime rate, good public transport and the accessibility of top schools in the area. However, 79% of those who took part in the survey responded that decent food delivery options are high on their list of priorities when choosing a new home. 

With the multitude of food delivery apps now available, it has now become part of the property viewing routine for Millennials to open up their app of choice and check that their favourite restaurants will deliver to that address. Almost 75% of those aged 16-29 admitted that they regret not doing so when previously viewing a property. 55% of the respondents said that they will definitely do so next time they move.

In relation to this takeaway trend, 35% of Brits now believe that kitchens will reduce in size because of the increase in options for food delivery.

Laura Howard, Zoopla Spokesperson, commented: “It’s only natural that home design evolves to reflect our changing needs. In recent years, for example, open-plan kitchen/living areas have taken the place of dining rooms as lifestyles have become more informal.

“With the rapid growth in food delivery apps, it could be the case that meal preparation space becomes a less integral element of the kitchen/living area with increased room for families and friends to relax and socialise together. It all remains to be seen.”

The average amount spent on takeaways each month by those living in the UK is £46. This goes up to £50 for 16-29 year-olds. Birmingham alone has an average of £51, which is twice the amount spent by those in Belfast, the lowest spending city at £25.

Joe Groves, Head of Consumer Communications at Deliveroo, said: “A good takeaway goes hand-in-hand with move-in day, we know our customers depend on Deliveroo for that first meal using packaging boxes as table, we weren’t shocked to hear that food delivery is becoming increasingly important for British house hunters.”

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