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Just Landlords Flood Area Checker - England & Wales

Flooding can cause a large amount of property damage in just a short space of time, which is why more and more landlords are looking to ensure that their properties are adequately covered for flood. It is essential for all landlords to invest in a comprehensive landlord insurance policy that will cover the cost of damages and lost rental income should the worst happen and the property is flooded.

Here at Just Landlords we will cover over 99% of all postcodes against flood. We have created this Flood Area Checker so landlords can quickly and easily look up to see whether their property would be covered against flood. Even properties that are in the same area can have different levels of danger so we advise that landlords check each property in their portfolio to see whether we would offer flood cover.

Checking your properties only takes one simple step as all we require is the property’s post code, meaning that you will instantly see whether your property is one which is likely to be difficult to cover against flood. Please note that even though our system classifies whether flood cover is available or not it is not a guarantee that your property is not and will not become susceptible to flooding.

Once you have checked the flood risk of each of your properties we will be able to provide a quote for landlord insurance which includes flood cover.

Properties which have previously flooded may be subject to different terms.

Postcode Flood Check

All questions marked with * must be answered in full.

Please ensure that the full and correct postcode is used.