Demand for student accommodation exceeding stock
By |Published On: 22nd December 2016|

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Demand for student accommodation exceeding stock

By |Published On: 22nd December 2016|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

A new survey has revealed that rents paid by students look certain to increase, due to a housing shortage in many key university cities in the UK.

Data released by student rentals platform has assessed the demand for property in locations around the top universities in Britain. It has revealed that many students beginning their studies struggle to find suitable living accommodation beforehand.

Student demand

Despite already being four months into the present academic year, many universities are still seeing heightened demand for student property.

Top of the class is the University of Exeter, with demand reaching 62%-the highest statistic for property demand surrounding a key University. Next come the University of Reading, the University of Bath and Bath Spa University, all with demands of 53%.

In addition, separate research conducted from revealed that student rents increased by 10% during the last twelve months. In fact, demand for student accommodation in some cities is so fierce that rent competitive pricing could leave students £600 worse off per annum, according to the study.

The University for the Creative Arts in Farnham ranks fourth in the list compiled by Demand for accommodation surrounding this university stands at 50%-with some first-year students forced to camp in the grounds as they couldn’t secure suitable digs!

The top-ten University locations where demand is exceeding demand are:

Ranking University Demand %
1st University of Exeter 62%
2nd University of Reading 53%
3rd University of Bath 53%
4th Bath Spa University 53%
5th University for the Creative Arts 50%
6th University of Roehampton 49%
7th Durham University 49%
8th University of Essex 43%
9th Lancaster University 42%
10th Royal Holloway, University of London 38%
Demand for student accommodation exceeding stock

Demand for student accommodation exceeding stock


Danielle Cullen, managing director of, said: ‘We feel that it is simply unacceptable that students, as they have in Farham, are forced to camp within the university campus due to a severe shortage of housing.’[1]

‘Housing for students should be a priority. These pupils have worked hard to prepare for their education and to arrive without a place to sleep is worrisome. With many universities still seeing high levels of demand for student property this far into the term, it doesn’t bode well for those looking to arrive next year,’ she added.[1]



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