Landlord Insurance: Most commonly asked questions

Landlord Insurance
Landlord Insurance: Most commonly asked questions

Here at Just Landlords, we take pride in the customer service we provide. Whatever the query, we encourage you to get in touch either by phone, email or our new LiveChat feature.

We recently added the option to contact us via LiveChat to our website, as we wish to make sure that our team is as accessible as possible. We have put time and effort into making sure that our products are presented clearly on the Just Landlords website, but we understand that there will sometimes be questions that are not always covered online.

LiveChat provides you with the option to send an instant message, to which a member of the Just Landlords team will respond and remain available until all queries have been answered. Afterwards, you will then have the opportunity to rate the experience, in order to send us feedback.

Team Leader Daniel Williams has provided us with the following most commonly asked questions on LiveChat, along with his answers:

Q. How can I obtain a quote for Landlord Insurance?

A. You can do so on our website, by visiting Here, we require the policyholder’s details, as well as the cover start date, in order to generate a quote.

Q. Do I have to get separate quotes for Landlord Building Insurance and Rent Guarantee Insurance?

A. Yes, they have different underwriters, so cannot be combined. You would need to obtain a quote online for Buildings cover. The Rent Guarantee policy is a set price of £139.00 and would also need to be purchased via the website.

Q. I require Landlord Contents Insurance and fixtures/fittings cover for my flat, as the building is insured by a management company. Can you offer this cover?

A. Yes, we do cover this, however, the minimum we would cover is £15,000 contents and £15,000 fixtures/fittings. When filling in a quote, you would need to enter £30,000 in contents and, in the further information box, advise us to include fixtures/fittings. Once we have received this, should you choose to proceed with cover, we would send documentation to reflect this.

Q. How do I work out the rebuild/reconstruction cost for the insurance quote?

A. If you have a valuation report, it will be shown on that. However, if it is not, then the Association of British Insurers (ABI) website is a great resource to use, as it contains a building sum insured calculator.

Q. What information do you need, in regards to the referencing of a tenant, for Rent Guarantee Insurance to be acceptable in the event of a claim?

A. A full Tenant Referencing Checklist can be found on page four of our Landlord Legal and Rent Guarantee policy wording. This provides the list of criteria required, in the event of a claim.

Just Landlords can provide Landlord Insurance, Rent Guarantee Insurance, UK Holiday Home Insurance and Unoccupied Property Insurance. If you would like to know more about the covers we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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