Private Tenants Sign On for Housing Benefit
By |Published On: 25th October 2012|

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Private Tenants Sign On for Housing Benefit

By |Published On: 25th October 2012|

This article is an external press release originally published on the Landlord News website, which has now been migrated to the Just Landlords blog.

A worrying new report from the National Housing Federation shows that more families are signing on for housing benefit each month.

The report, entitled Home Truths 2012, suggests that in excess of 10,000 new families per month are signing up for housing benefit, in order to assist with rental costs. The report also offers a damning assessment on the current housing market, describing it as unsustainable. It also suggests that not enough new homes are being built, which in turning is dangerously limiting supply and driving up prices.


Private Tenants Sign On for Housing Benefit

Private Tenants Sign On for Housing Benefit 

Home Truths 2012 reports that 86% more working people are receiving housing benefit than three years ago. This adds up to over 900,000 working claimants.[1]

Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, David Orr, said: “We now have millions of families struggling to keep on top of their rents, priced out of the housing market, and nearly 10,000 more working families every month are now reliant on housing benefit to help pay their private rent.”[1]

Orr describes these people as the “strivers” that the Government is trying to assist, but says at present, “their future is looking bleak.”[1]


More interesting statistics from the report include the cost of renting, which has risen by 37% over the last 5 years. Predictions are that rents will soar by a further 35% in the next six years.[1] With rents rising at a quicker rate than house prices, fears are that the taxpayer will be hit in the pocket as a result.

Orr suggested that the situation is bleak, saying: “The housing market is at the point of no return, with rising house prices, rising rents and millions of families really struggling to afford their home.

“It’s no surprise that one in 12 families in England is on the waiting list for social housing. Sadly, the future is looking even bleaker.

“Successive governments have failed to tackle the under-supply of housing and time is now running out. If we don’t urgently fix the housing market we will have a generation who are priced out of renting a home, let alone buying one.”[1]

The National Housing Federation has urged not only the Government, but the housing industry as a whole, to come together to help solve the housing market problems. Housing minister Mark Prisk acknowledged the severity of the situation. Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Prisk said that the Government is not “complacent about the challenge.”[1]




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