1 in 5 feel buy-to-let is a safe option

The latest survey from TheHouseShop.com has revealed that 1 in 5 Britons feel that investment in buy-to-let property is the safest option to generate long-term savings.

Buy-to-let investment and high-interest ISA’s were popular with respondents. However, 1 in 4 people said they lacked confidence in any investment option.

Investment Options

TheHouseShop posed the question:

Which one, if any, of the following do you think would be the safest option for your long term savings?

Results were as follows:

1 in 5 feel buy-to-let is a safe option

1 in 5 feel buy-to-let is a safe option


Results indicate that property investment is still viewed as one of the safest in longer term investment options. 19% preferred buy-to-let over other methods, such as ISA’s and stocks and shares.

It was interesting to see that the older generations were less inclined to trust buy-to-let in the long term. Only 15% of those aged 55 and over picked this option, in comparison to 25% of 35-44 year olds.

Regional Variation

There was significant regional variation across Britain when it came to the perceived safety of buy-to-let investment in the long term. 26% of respondents in London viewed it as a safe option, in comparison to just 11% of people in the North East.

People in the North East were less trusting in property in general, with 35% of people in this region saying that there is no such thing as a safe investment in this sector.

1 in 5 feel buy-to-let is a safe option

1 in 5 feel buy-to-let is a safe option

Nick Marr, Co-Founder of TheHouseShop.com, noted: ‘It was certainly worrying to see such low confidence in the safety of long-term investments, especially in some areas like the North East where more than a third of people said there was no such thing as a “safe bet” for their long-term savings.’[1]

‘It was interesting to see that despite the recent cuts to Buy-To-Let tax relief, increased Stamp Duty on second home purchases and tighter rules for BTL lending, property investment still holds enduring appeal for Brits looking to secure their long-term savings,’ he continued.[1]

Concluding, Mr Marr said: ‘However it was also quite worrying to see that so many people belive they do not have a safe investment option available to them and feel they cannot guarantee the safety of their long-term savings in the current economic market. Perhaps these people are more pessimistic about the fortunes of the housing market over the coming years, or fear a potential interest rates rise that could see Buy To Let mortgage repayments sky-rocket.’[1]

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