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Apr Thu 24, 2014, 5:41 AM

3 Upcoming Elections Landlords Should Look Out For

Image of the word 'Vote'As a landlord you will already know that no matter what type of letting you manage you always have to adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the government and local authorities. The private rental sector is extremely important when it comes to the UK economy as well as the well-being of the public in general, which is why it is regulated so heavily. However, regulations can change, especially when a new political party comes into power, so here Just Landlords explores in detail three upcoming elections that all landlords should look out for: Continue reading

Government cracks down on ‘Flipping’

Image of terraced housesUnless you work in the property or private rental sectors you may not have heard the term ‘flipping’ before or understand why it is causing such an issue in the UK right now. However, due to the current housing boom and the demand for housing vastly outstripping supply, the government is planning to crack down on those that flip their homes. As a landlord, this could greatly affect your business, so here Just Landlords looks at the issue in further detail: Continue reading

Win a Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg with Just Landlords!

Just Landlords April CompetitionHere at Just Landlords we know that a number of landlords spend their Easter holidays spring cleaning their properties and taking care of any repairs. This means that they don’t always get to enjoy Easter as much as everyone else, which is why we are giving away a Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg to one lucky winner on Twitter! Continue reading

Why the Small Print is Important for Landlords

Magnifying Glass and MoneyWe are often told ‘always read the small print’, however unless you are extremely meticulous then you have probably skipped it over at one point or another. The problem is that most people already think they know what the small print contains or that it doesn’t really matter, but as a landlord it could include something that could ultimately damage your business. Here, Just Landlords looks at four pieces of small print you should always pay attention to: Continue reading

The Issue of Energy in the UK

Image of hand holding a lightbulbWe often see the subject of rising utility bills in the news, as many people living in the UK have struggled over the years to keep up with the increasing costs of energy. During the winter months in particular, many people find it hard to keep themselves warm without sacrificing other necessities, which is why landlords need to keep a keen eye on anything that happens in the energy sector that could affect their tenants. In the past couple of weeks the issue of the energy in the UK has become even more prominent, and here Just Landlords considers how certain revelations could affect landlords: Continue reading

Key Debates from the Budget 2014

Image of economyIt is unlikely that there will ever be a Budget announcement that doesn’t cause some sort of debate across the UK, and this year has been no different. Last week, a day before the Budget was officially announced, Just Landlords posted an article highlighting some of the topics that we already knew would be covered in George Osborne’s speech; however as we predicted there were some plans that he held close to his chest. Here, we look at some of the most controversial announcements, and how they could affect you as a landlord: Continue reading

How Landlords can prepare for The Budget 2014

Image of George OsborneEach year the Chancellor of the Exchequer stands before the pubic and announces their plans for the UK’s economy over the next few years. This year, the Chancellor is Conservative party member George Osborne, however with the General Election being held in 2015 this may be the second to last time he performs this duty.

This is one of the reasons why this year’s Budget is so important to the Conservative party; however it is also extremely important to everyone in the UK including landlords. Due to the recession and the UK’s deficit the government has put austerity measures in place for the past few years, however now that the economy is improving will they continue? Here Just Landlords looks at everything we know so far: Continue reading

Win in the Just Landlords Mother’s Day Competition!

Just Landlords Mother's Day CompetitionAs a landlord, you often have to resist making your own mark on your private rental properties in order to attract as many tenants as possible. However, at Just Landlords we know that many of you are extremely creative, so we are giving away a Leaning Tower of Pasta Holder to add some fun to your kitchen! Continue reading

Property Market updates from around the World

Image of GlobeAt Just Landlords we offer our customers a wide range of landlord insurance products in order to accommodate even the most varied property portfolio. Using our website, our customers can find landlord insurance policies, rent guarantee insurance, unoccupied property insurance and overseas property insurance to name a few. This is why we also take a keen interest in property markets around the world, and here we look at some of the most prominent stories from the past week: Continue reading

Tackling Negative Landlord Stereotypes

Image of NewspapersDue to the rapid growth in the private rental sector, there has been an ongoing battle between landlords, local councils, housing associations, and nearly everyone else for that matter. Many people believe that landlords are unscrupulous as they take advantage of the booming private rental market, leaving those in need struggling to afford properties. However, as most of you already know, not all landlords are the same, so how can landlords fight the stigma against them? Continue reading