What is the Biggest Property Turn-Off for Potential Tenants?

February may be the month of love, but have you considered what potential tenants don’t want to see when viewing a rental property? We have the biggest property turn-off for tenants…

What is the Biggest Property Turn-Off for Potential Tenants?

What is the Biggest Property Turn-Off for Potential Tenants?

New figures from home furnishing retailer Terry’s Fabrics has found that a dirty property is the most off-putting factor for tenants when looking for a new home to rent, which deterred 49% of renters.

This is followed by bad smells, at 46%, while damp is also high on their lists, turning off 43% of potential tenants.

An unkempt garden was enough to put 37% of renters off, while more than a third (35%) would look elsewhere when faced with a property that has not been tastefully decorated.

Considering just the aesthetics and decoration of a property, an old-fashioned kitchen or bathroom would put off almost half of tenants looking for a new place to live.

The top five interior pet peeves are:

  1. An old-fashioned kitchen (48%)
  2. An old-fashioned bathroom (47%)
  3. An old-fashioned bedroom (28%)
  4. Brightly coloured walls (27%)
  5. Bright or patterned carpets (26%)

Paul McGuiness, the Owner at Terry’s Fabrics, comments: “It is clear that the look and feel of a property can have a big effect on how prospective renters feel.

“Rather than investing in a brand new kitchen or bathroom suite, a quick update of the property’s décor could make all of the difference. Adding more accessories, such as soft furnishings and blinds, or adding a lick of paint might be the difference between securing a tenant or not.”

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