Interior Colour Schemes for the New Season

With spring in the air, many people will be thinking about updating their homes and freshening up – whether that be through a thorough spring clean, or with a spot of decorating.

While adding colour to rental properties is not advised, why not focus on your own home this spring with the season’s best interior colour schemes?

If you are a tenant soon to be moving out of your rental property, follow these tips on conducting a thorough spring clean ahead of check out:

If you’re someone that sticks to magnolia, now is the perfect time to inject some brightness into your home. If you’re a tenant, we have tips for how you can incorporate brighter tones into your property, without having to decorate.

Colour can affect the whole ambiance of a home or room, meaning that your mood is affected too. These are the top colour schemes to consider this spring:

Light blue

A fresh and breezy choice, light blue can be used in any room – it is a clean colour for bathrooms, calming hue for office spaces and welcoming tone for kitchens.

Blue is often considered the most calming and relaxing colour for living spaces, as its association to the sky and sea make it natural and comforting. However, brighter tones can aid productivity and efficiency.

The versatility of blue means that it works everywhere – if you’re not transforming a whole room, try blue bathroom towels or cushions in the living room.

Interior Colour Schemes for the New Season

Interior Colour Schemes for the New Season


While a brave choice, yellow is an ideal colour for spring, representing joy and energy.

It is a great option for kitchens, due to its natural association with food. While it is thought to stimulate hunger, yellow will encourage energy and cheer throughout the whole home.

Spread happiness within your property this season with some bold décor or simple accessories. If you’re on a budget, nothing screams spring more than a bunch of daffodils – perfect for tenants to bring into their homes!


Similarly to yellow, red is a bold colour that can divide opinion. However, it is the colour of love and passion, so is perfect for stimulating the mind and body.

It is a great hue for dining rooms, as it is also thought to encourage appetite. If going all out with red is too much for you, why not incorporate the colour in small doses, such as with a new tablecloth or coasters?

Taking the leap and decorating with red can be really fun and creative, if you are brave enough to opt for a bright shade. If not, more muted tones, such as burgundy, work especially well in traditional homes.


While some shades of purple may seem slightly dark for this time of year, the fresh, varied tones of springtime flowers prove that there’s more to this colour than regal satins and luxury velvets.

If you do wish to bring glamour into your home, purple accents in your bedroom or living room will prove relaxing and luxurious.

Alternatively, there are many shades to choose from: from bluish lavenders to brighter pink tones.


If you’re not into bold colours or are a tenant and can only decorate with neutral tones, white is an ideal choice – it allows you to transform a space with minimal effort, and without annoying your landlord!

Additionally, decorating with white allows you to bring in colours in smaller accents, from curtains to crockery. Clean, calming and cool, white is the perfect choice for all homes and décor.

A fresh lick of paint, whether simple white or daring yellow, will brighten up your home this spring and inject cheer and joy into all rooms. Get painting!

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