National Gardening Week – Spruce up Your Garden!

National Gardening Week

National Gardening WeekNational Gardening Week is one of our favourite times of the year when it comes to property-related awareness campaigns. We spend so much time making internal improvements, to the point where it’s nice to finally get out in the sun and give the garden a touch-up!

As always in the UK, it has felt like a long winter, but the last couple of weekends have brought us nice weather (despite the interlude of Storm Hannah). Whether you are a tenant looking to get the garden ready for an upcoming inspection, or a landlord preparing it for new tenants, our tips will get you started…

Neaten up your borders

As well as mowing the main grassy areas, remember to go around the edges with a strimmer for the perfect finish. Be careful not to go too short when cutting the grass, as this can damage the lawn and leave it looking patchy in places.

What to do with the space

You’ve got a few options with the layout. Here are our suggestions, to give you some inspiration during National Gardening Week:

  • Grass

You could cover the entire lawn with grass, which is great for lets with pets and is an attractive look that many will find appealing

  • Patio

Laying down paving slabs is a low-maintenance alternative. Just keep an eye on any weeds that pop up in the gaps, and use a pressure hose to clean them, if they begin to look grubby

  • Decking

Wooden decking can make a nice addition to a grassy garden. It works especially well for families, giving the adults somewhere to sit and relax, whilst the children play on the lawn

  • Slate/bark chippings

This is an attractive option for those who are looking to avoid the fuss of having grass. It’s a good idea to first put down a layer of fabric known as a membrane. This base will help to prevent weeds from growing up out of your chippings

  • Flowerbeds

A flowerbed borderline can instantly smarten up a garden, even if it is just a thin strip around the perimeter. A variety of colourful plants, such as pansies and geraniums, will liven up your outside area and make for a warm welcome to property viewers and visitors

Knotweed tips

As always, it is important to keep an eye out for Japanese knotweed. This plant can cause serious problems if left unchecked. If it grows too near to the building, it may eventually cause damage to the brickwork, which can be costly to fix!

If you spot any potential knotweed in your garden, be sure to call out a professional to get it dealt with properly.


We hope that you all have the chance to spend some time outside, and have a fun and productive National Gardening Week!


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