Property Maintenance – Our Top Tips for Rooftops

roof maintenanceRoof maintenance is important all-year-round, but it’s particularly vital to keep an eye on it when the weather has been as unpredictable as it has been in the UK in recent weeks. With heavy wind and rain one day and clear skies the next, there’s no knowing what state your roof may be in.

Do you inspect yours regularly? Have you ever inspected it? According to one survey, undertaken by roofing expert Roof Stores, just over half of UK homeowners (57.4%) admitted that they had never bothered to keep an eye on theirs.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our ideas for keeping your rooftop in tip-top condition!

  • Inspect it at least annually, making it part of a periodic inspection. Use your best judgement, when it comes to bad weather – if there has been heavy rain or snow, don’t wait until it’s too late.
  • Clean out the gutters. They can get clogged with leaves and moss, along with other debris that can get blown into them. Doing this in late autumn is particularly important after the leaves have been shed from nearby trees.
  • Budget for repairs. Maintenance can be costly so don’t get caught out. If you have to move your tenants out of the building whilst it undergoes repairs, then you will want to be prepared.
  • If there are any trees growing near the property, be sure to cut away any overhanging branches.
  • Take a look for any nesting insects or birds. Any areas that have been weakened by rot could allow access to small animals. Call in a professional, if you find signs of a nest.
  • View the structure internally by going into the attic. Look for signs of leaks or, again, nests.
  • Consider which roofing material is the best investment. Plastic polymer is popular due to its low maintenance and recyclability. Slate also remains a popular choice, as it’s quite durable, fireproof and resistant to insects and fungus.
  • Ensure that your let is protected. Having Landlord Insurance in place that provides protection against a host of perils will give you peace of mind.

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