Smokers Named the Least Popular Type of Tenant with Landlords

Landlords have named smokers as their least favourite type of tenant, according to a recent survey conducted by YouGov.

A huge 64% of landlords said that smoking is their biggest turn off amongst tenants.

Smokers Named the Least Popular Type of Tenant with Landlords

Smokers Named the Least Popular Type of Tenant with Landlords

Those that smoke find themselves to be less popular than the 44% of landlords who would prefer not to let to housing benefit tenants and the 40% who dislike student renters.

The survey also revealed that Britain really is a nation of pet lovers, with just 34% of landlords saying they would not let to tenants with pets.

The Lettings Managing Director at Romans letting agents, Michael Cook, comments on the figures: “Finding the ideal home for our tenants is very important to us and our landlords. To help ensure this happens, we carry out thorough reference checks and supply tenancy agreements approved by a legal professional.

“Because we work hard to try and find the perfect match for our tenants and landlords’ properties, we very rarely have any serious problems with the properties we manage. However, to ensure any issues that do arise are resolved as quickly as possible, each landlord and tenant in our fully managed properties have their own dedicated property manager.”

Landlords, if you do not want your tenants to smoke in your property, you must add a clause in your written tenancy agreement that prohibits them from smoking.

Including this clause in your tenancy agreement means that you can evict your tenants if you find that they are smoking in the property. Through conducting regular periodic inspections, you can ensure that your tenants are complying with the contract signed by both parties and aren’t in breach of the agreement.

If your tenant does breach the tenancy agreement, you can evict them using a section 8 notice. If issuing a section 8, you must specify the grounds on which you wish to evict the tenant.

But remember, if you don’t want your tenants to smoke in your rental property, you must state so in your tenancy agreement!

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