Tenants want their landlords to be more eco-conscious

An interesting new survey has revealed that tenants are becoming more eco-conscious and suggests that landlords need to follow suit.

Of course, you will have many questions that you must answer before deciding to make an investment such as:

In what region should I purchase?

What yields should I expect?

What is my target audience?

Where can I purchase the widest landlord insurance cover?

Perhaps now though, you should add, ‘What kind of eco-modifications can I make to the property?’


The survey, commissioned by PC World Business and conducted by You Gov, quizzed 4,170 people. Of those, 80% agreed that landlords or managing agents should give more consideration to the environmental impact of their property.

This could include taking measures, such as providing insulation, better ventilation and double-glazing.

Those questioned were asked what they would like to see in a furnished, eco-friendly rented property. 32% replied that they would like to see a smart meter included. This is in comparison to 19% who said wireless broadband should be standard!

In fact, 55% said that they would rather choose a private rental property with a smart meter, than one without, should rental costs be the same.

Tenants want their landlords to be more eco-conscious

Tenants want their landlords to be more eco-conscious


Simon Moyle, head of business solutions at PC World Business, said: ‘In an increasingly competitive housing market, it is imperative that private landlords give serious consideration to the demands of the modern day tenant.’[1]

‘It is clear that the environmental footprint of a property and the energy efficiency of the utilities it uses are now high on the agenda for tenants looking to rent a house,’ he added.[1]

The calls come ahead of legislation permitting buy-to-let landlords to bring their properties up to an EPC rating of at least E by April 2018. From April 1st this year, tenants living in either F and G rated property have been legally permitted to ask their landlord for improvements.

[1] https://www.landlordtoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2016/11/eco-friendly-features-seen-as-significantly-important-for-tenants


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