Top Tips for a Stunning Springtime Garden

With spring officially upon us and summer just around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to set some time aside and focus on your outdoor space. If you are selling a property, a stunning garden will make all the difference.

While the weather may still not be warm enough for you to get out and sit in your garden, buyers will definitely take note of whether you have some outside space for them to enjoy.

And while we may not all have huge gardens to show off to potential buyers, it is always worth making the most of what you do have. Follow these top tips for making your garden look its best ahead of springtime viewings:

Mow the lawn

A simple, but sometimes overlooked step, is to mow the lawn. Many gardens are looking overgrown at the moment, so neaten up your outdoor space and stand out from the competition. One tip is to set the mower at the highest setting, which will neaten up the grass without making it look too bare.

Top Tips for a Stunning Springtime Garden

Top Tips for a Stunning Springtime Garden

Sweep up dead leaves 

If you have trees in your garden, it may be full of dead leaves at this time of year. Take some time to go out and sweep them all up before taking a look at your plants for any dead growth. If you need to, trim back any plants and prune any hedges/bushes that need it. A fresh looking garden makes all the difference.

Tidy the flowerbeds

We wouldn’t leave our properties messy before a viewing, so why not neaten up your outdoor space too? The benefit of hosting a springtime viewing is that you can get some bright flowers into your garden. Start by tidying up the plants you currently have, and head out for some more if needs be. Simple yet colourful flowers will wow buyers, while a coordinated flowerbed stands out from the crowd.

Paint the fence and shed

You may not notice it yourself, but a scruffy-looking shed or fence can ruin the most pleasant of gardens. Don’t forget to paint or re-stain your woodwork if it’s looking a little shabby. Remember to make sure that all of the panels are matching and your garden will look smart in no time.

Remove broken pots and the rusty barbecue

Thanks to the strong winds we had this winter, many gardens are now strewn with broken pots. It is a good idea to clean up any damaged containers and replace them with new ones. If you left the barbecue out over the winter, it may be wise to put it in the shed before viewings – a rusty barbecue isn’t going to inspire al fresco dining!

Bring out the table and chairs

You want your property to seem as desirable as possible, and who doesn’t enjoy relaxing in their gardens on a warm summer evening? Get out your outdoor furniture and show buyers how great your garden will be when the weather’s better. This is particularly important if all you have is a backyard.

A great garden will go a long way in impressing your buyers – whether it’s large or small. It will also help you stand out from the competition, so don’t look past the importance of sprucing up your outside space.

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