As Winter Solstice arrives, check your property!

Today marks Winter Solstice and with the dark nights now set in, we all want to be snuggly warm in our homes come the evening. What we don’t want to happen is a Nightmare before Christmas, due to easily manageable damage occurring in our property!

Bad weather during the festive period and throughout the Winter period can cause extremely serious structural damage to a property if it is not well protected.

If you are a landlord, it is vitally important to ensure that your investment is properly braced for the depths of Winter. A large amount of rental properties are damaged each year as a result of poor weather-and preparation!

Apart from taking out a sufficient landlord insurance policy, there are also many other measures you can take to ensure you are well placed to survive the bleak mid-Winter!

  • Conduct an inspection- As the cold snap sets in, make sure to conduct a full and proper inspection of the whole of your rental property. Thoroughly assess all windows, doors, walls, pipes, roofs and guttering for any damage or other issues. Be sure that you replace any broken tiles, clean clogged guttering and remove any moss. Should you uncover any more serious issues, ensure to contact a reputable tradesperson in good time, before the issues get any worse!
  • Check your boiler- It is extremely important for you to check your boiler ahead of the very cold Winter months. Check all pipes for leaks and bleed any radiators to make sure there are no airlocks. Again, if any problems arise, you can be safe you have found the problems ahead of the very bleak weather!
  • As Winter Solstice arrives, check your property!
  • Think about insulation-Two very simple ways of keeping heat in your property and cutting energy bills are cavity wall and loft insulation. Ensure you conduct your research-you could well be eligible for a grant or subsidiary payment in order for you to make these alterations to your property.
    • Make sure you don’t lag behind-Make sure that you check the lagging around all water pipes, in addition to cold water storage tanks. Just the very smallest of gaps could let cold air in, which will lead to pipes freezing. As such, you should pay close attention to lagging in pipes in the loft, eaves and cupboards.


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