Winter Weather Tips for Private Tenants

Now that winter is here – officially – it’s very important that tenants understand their responsibilities regarding their rental property during the winter weather.

Whether you’re a landlord or letting agent, you can pass these winter weather tips onto your tenants, to ensure that they understand their duties. If you’re a tenant, here are your responsibilities with regards to protecting your rental home against bad weather:

Winter Weather Tips for Private Tenants

Make contact

As soon as any weather-related damage occurs to your property, you must contact your landlord or letting agent. If you are unable to get through to anyone, take time-stamped photographs to help fully document the damage and, in an emergency, get in touch with the appropriate maintenance company.

Don’t freeze

If you’re going to be away from your rental property during the winter, it’s your job to make sure the pipes don’t freeze. As a precaution, we suggest leaving the heating on at a minimum of 15°C throughout the day and night. If you don’t want to keep the heating on 24/7, it’s best to set a timer so that it comes on at the coldest parts of the day and night.

Beware of flooding

Flooding can cause damage not only to your rental property, but also to your personal belongings. Check that your contents insurance policy covers flood damage and, if you don’t already have contents insurance, make sure you take it out!

Power cuts 

If you experience a power cut due to winter weather, check the UK Power Networks website instantly. This site gives you updates on the current situation. If the power cut affects more than just your home, get in touch with your utility provider directly, before you contact your landlord.

The Managing Director of Romans letting agent, Michael Cook, reminds tenants: “Double-check the terms in your tenancy agreement and don’t assume your landlord will cover the costs for any damage that occurs – especially to personal belongings.”

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